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As a result of poor yields, more than three-quarters of the population rely on international imports to access food, even in rural areas. Poverty and high food prices are the underlying causes of food shortage in Sierra Leone. Therefore, leaving the poor unable to afford nutritious food. The business aims to work with smallholder farmers by educating them on advanced farm practices and utilizing modern technology to increase yield, production, and processing of crops to meet the population’s demand and reduce crop waste.


Improve Domestic Food Production, Decrease Hunger and Malnutrition

Create Jobs and Enhance Food Self-sufficiency

Stimulate Economic Growth

Increase Rural Income (currently Annual Income $500)

Empowerment of Communities

We do believe in the empowerment of communities some of the profit will go into ensuring that there is:

Clean Water Supply

Despite being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone lacks access to safe drinking water, especially in the villages (rural areas). Therefore, the people drink unclean water, resulting in infection or contracting parasites; with the help of the locals, we will help build a dam to alleviate clean water shortages.


Most of the rural areas in Sierra Leone lack a health care system; therefore, there are high rates of infant and maternal mortality; some of the profit will go into building nonprofit clinics and local hospitals.


Due to the poverty rate, there is a low literacy level; we plan to work with local government schools by providing books and school supplies and creating scholarship programs for college.

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